Money Talk: How To Dodge Sapa

The only thing worse than being broke is going broke after having disposable cash. It feels much worse because you’ve already tasted the good life and now you hate yourself for being financially unintelligent and inviting sapa.

As a Nigerian, you must’ve heard the term sapa before because it is the dread of everyone. Sapa is simply a state of being extremely broke or poor, usually after spending extravagantly.

Now that you know what you’re up against, here are a few ways to maneuver sapa and avoid insufficient funds.

Keep track of your spending

If you know where your money is going it will be easier to make changes if you need to. Try using BALANCE’s Fritter Finder form for a week or two to find out where your money is going or give Cowery Wise a shot.

Seek out good investment opportunities

If you can afford to set aside some extra cash for something tangible, it is highly advised that you put that money away and wait for it to yield benefits. P.S if your pocket is a little tight because you invested, you’re not suffering from sapa.

Naira Dollar

Avoid borrowing to pay your bills

While it may make things easier now, borrowing money only increases your monthly payments in the future.

Separate wants from needs

Do you really need that iced out Cuban or must you Dorime in the club this weekend? When money is tight it should not be spent unless absolutely necessary – that’s how sapa checks into your life.

Save regularly

Have some of your income directly deposited into your savings account or set up an automatic transfer each month from your checking to your savings account. Alternatively you can try using Piggybank’s autosave service.

Cut or downgrade your services

When you know that your finances aren’t what they used to be, you need to put pride aside and cut down on some luxuries. Accustomed to business class flying but need to get financially smarter? You can opt for premium economy cabins that still offer healthy leg room and some of the basics of businesss class flying like fast track check-ins, more kilos for luggage etc. Also consider using Uber X instead of Uber Select. The sooner you start, the better for you.

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