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Probably one of the least thought-about menswear actuaries is hats. They hold the power of altering an entire outfit but still, we pay so little attention to them. All through the history of pop culture and in recent years, hats have stamped their authority as a must-have. Think of movies like The Godfather and Peaky Blinders that in their entirety imbibed the hat-wearing culture. Adorning an outfit with an Anderson & Sheppard fedora or the famous Kangol is sure to make you stand out with a snappy and classy touch. Here’s a list of 5 of the most dependable brands in the fashion world.


Panama Fadora Hat BORSALINO

Panama Fadora Hat BORSALINO


This hat brand has been producing high-quality felt fedoras since 1857 in Italy. It identifies as the most recognizable brand in the world. If you find yourself second-guessing which hat to opt for, then having a Borsalino will do you no harm.


Salem Braided Straw Fedora BAILEY

Salem Braided Straw Fedora BAILEY


Exceptional craftsmanship is always assured when you decide to add the American hat brand to your stash. Catering to the needs of gentlemen since its inception in 1922, this timeless piece has capped its place as one of the very best in the game.

New Era

New York Yankees Fitted Hat NEW ERA

New York Yankees Fitted Hat NEW ERA


This renowned hat brand reigns supreme in the snapback business. Responsible for influencing looks all through pop culture, its infiltration into fashion will forever be remembered. It remains the exclusive producer of on-field caps worn by every major league baseball team.

Lock & Co. Hatters




Known for its prestige, history, and tradition, the British brand has served hat lovers since 1600. Despite being more than 200 years old, they are still known and sought after worldwide.


White Bermuda Bucket Hat KANGOL (1)

White Bermuda Bucket Hat KANGOL 


Often overgeneralized as every Panama-style hat in Nigeria, this brand is somewhat acquired but is met with approbation when pulled off correctly.

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