Changing Faces: Is Chronicling Our Deepest Darkest Thoughts

In a new solo art exhibition, Changing Faces, Alimi Adewale relays a tale of system disruption and self-discovery, whilst expressing our collective musings regarding the global pandemic, African politics and the rampant police violence.

Alimi Adewale is a name that carries weight in the arts and culture sector. He is a contemporary painter and sculptor, best known for defying classification. Adamant on not conforming to the norm, he embraces several media simultaneously to best address pertinent global issues.

Adewale fell in love with exhibitions and workshops from his years in university and after honing his skill, has exhibited in Nigeria, every year since 2011.

“I strive to create work that engages me and the viewer in a discovery process. The disruption of norms and defiance of expectations often emerges from this exploration process; however, neither is the initial impetus nor the priority.”

Changing Faces-Alimi Adewale

Some of his notable exhibitions include:

2011: Sublime Exhibition at Quintessence gallery
2012 June: Charity exhibition for the Ebunoluwa Foundation Quintessence Gallery Falomo Lagos
2013 march: Naked Butterflies an Online Solo Art Exhibition. First of its kind in Africa.

Asides being a massive contender in Africa, Adewale has also participated internationally by way of his Konstepidemins residency in Sweden, his exhibition in Ontario Canada, New York and more.

This year, the engineer turned self-taught artist is celebrating his solo exhibition, Changing Faces – where normal rules don’t apply.

Adewale interrogates “a deeply divided world further fractured by religious differences, income, and gender inequalities” in a manner that is very intriguing and peculiar.

According to curators Dolly Kola-Balogun and Ugonna Ibie- Ejiogu, the contemporary artist’s work will be well represented in the form of 2 large-scale heads surrounded by pigeons, an installation of works suspended from the ceiling alongside other works in the exhibition, juxtaposed intentionally to emphasize the narrative.

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