Bedroom Makeover: Transforming Your Bedroom Space From Basic To Classic

The bedroom is a sanctuary, a private space where you find solace away from the bustle and noise you encounter outside, a soothing area where you always come back to for rest in preparation for tomorrow’s activities, and so unarguably, the most used part of the home. Here are some simple pointers to give your bedroom space the glow-up it deserves.

Choose Some New Window Treatment

When you wake up in the morning, you stare at your curtains before opening the window. Imagine staring at ugly-looking curtains that alone could make you feel sad for the rest of the day. Tired curtains and window blinds instantly make a room look old and feel dull. Remove those old curtains, replace them with new ones, and watch your bedroom space transform from gloomy to bright and dull to lively.

Go For New Bedding

The bed is the centrepiece that ties the room together. A little splurge for new bedding wouldn’t hurt you, would it? Switch out your bed linen and purchase new duvets, sheets, and bedcovers. Get them in colours and designs different from the old ones to rejuvenate the appearance of your bed space, making it feel new and refreshing. A quick advice: experts suggest you replace your mattress if it is over five years old.

Declutter Your Bedside Table

Your bedside table is probably cramped with items you require almost all the time, such as reading glasses, car keys, a phone charger, and other bits and bobs. Rather than just a bedside table, consider getting a bedside drawer to neatly store these items to ensure an uncluttered bedside. This way, your space feels and looks neat, and you still have your items at arm’s length.

Mirror Upgrade

If you still have the plain mirror you got years back, it is time for a change. You can replace it with either an antique-inspired brass mirror or maybe something curvy that will open up the room or choose to take an unusual approach with a mirrored headboard or to enjoy the benefits of a floor-length mirror, or go for a model that has a mini shelf with which you gain a little storage space. When you stare at a new mirror, it feels like you are staring at a new you.

A Splash With Paint

From crisp white to cosy green, give your bedroom a new look. You should never underestimate the power of fresh paint during a makeover. Changing your wall colour is the easiest way to give your bedroom a new look and feel. Besides, colour also has a substantial impact on your mood.

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