Arise Fashion Week: A Weekend Of Colour, Fabric & Nigerian Fashion In Dubai

Set against the backdrop of Burj Khalifa, the Arise Fashion Week 2021 was under the lights of the night sky at Armani Hotel in Dubai. Nigeria chose to accentuate its day at Dubai’s 2020 Expo by treating the whole city to a fashion show unlike none other and one beautifully distinguishable from its predecessors.

The showcase had a lineup of some of Nigeria’s A-list designers like Lisa Folawiyo, Banke Kuku, Kenneth Ize, Odion Mimonet, Lanre Dasilva- Ajayi, Onalaja, and Ziva Lagos. As for designer Hudayya, It was a day of firsts for her as the world got to see her debut collection.

Fashion taste-makers both local and international were present. One of them was Naomi Campbell who is a frequent supporter of the Arise project. A green patterned tunic, a floral-embroidered suit, and a royal blue jumpsuit were among the looks Campbell wore as she walked the runway for several of the participating designers.

With that said, let’s introduce you to them.


Kenneth Ize


He adds his unique spin on the use of Nigerian craft and traditional West African fabric. A lot was expected from the joint winner of the Arise Fashion Week Award for “Designer of the year” in 2019. Here are some of his looks.


Lanre Da Silva


Having debuted on the runway in 2005, LDA’s couture is modern, cutting edge and wealthy in femininity.


Yutee Rone


Her keen attention to detail, use of experimental fabric, and exemplary craftsmanship are some of what make her pieces embodiments of feminine empowerment on those who wear them.


Banke Kuku


Known for her intricately embroidered, luxuriant textiles, Banke creates her own patterns and textiles with vibrant colours and textures. Signature prints include adire-inspired splatters, animal print, and leaf motifs.


Odio Mimonet


Her African couture brand is dedicated to highlighting the many motifs and elements that directly reflect the African woman, her style choices, culture, heritage, and love for art.




Her seamless blend of modern tailoring with West African traditional fabric has earned her international recognition




Nigerian fashion brand Ziva Lagos creates print-forward, trend-led fashion pieces for women on the go. Tania Omotayo is the designer behind the brand.




By fusing elements of the designer’s Nigerian heritage with design aesthetics from Italy, Onalaja creates womenswear with a contemporary appreciation for beauty and elegance.




With this brand expect high-class tailoring. Her bespoke ready-to-wear luxury brand provides a classy and yet very stylish design

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