ARE YOU A HOPELESS ROMANTIC? Here Are 6 Signs To Look Out For

As a kid, doodling hearts in your notebook around the name of your crush or playing the game “Flames”  with your friends to determine if your crush is “the one” could be argued as onset traits of a hopeless romantic.

Also, it could be played off as participating and creating fond childhood memories. But as the hands of time turn, you experience the tsunami of feelings, and only then can you fully decide if you are
truly a hopeless romantic.

And if you still can’t, this article is here to help. But first, let’s clarify who a hopeless romantic is.

In essence, a hopeless romantic is someone who, despite past heartbreak, continues to believe in love. These people are obsessed with romance and prioritize finding “true love” above everything else.

Usually, their preferred movie genre is rom-com; if the movie isn’t pregnant with love scenes and the guy doesn’t eventually get the girl at the end, they aren’t super invested—like me, they’d have watched and read Fault in Our Stars till umpteenth just doesn’t cut it anymore.

If you frequently have dreams that rival the romantic declarations of love and butterflies-in-the-tummy relationships of your favourite fictional pair, you may be one of them.

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Romance is The Bed You Lie on

There’s a huge probability you’ve entered hopeless romantic land if you start saving wedding inspiration to Pinterest boards, you have notifications turned on for Bellanaija Weddings or coming up with cute pet names for lovers even when you’re a single pringle.

You Believe in Love at First Sight

For you, cupid’s love arrows are never far away. Whether it’s passion or love, at first sight, hopeless romantics frequently get struck with that enticing initial bolt that binds individuals. And although love, at first sight, is common, hopeless romantics are more or less target practices for cupid. They
are hardwired to want a connection.

One Too Many “The Ones”

Hopeless romantics aren’t referring to the Jet Li movie, The One. When they use it, they are talking about the feeling that this could be ‘their person’ more often than not. They not only fall in love quickly but also deeply, even when the relationship isn’t the ideal fit for them.

Colour Blind to The Red Flags

All flags are green for hopeless romantics. Even though you are aware of possible red flags, you choose to ignore them because you believe your love will always triumph, throwing caution to the
wind while you’re at it.

You’ve Been Called “Emotional” One Too Many Times

The emotions of hopeless romantics are frequently on display. They suffer breakups worse and may express affection more easily. If you’re not a stranger to being called ‘too much,’ ‘clingy’, or ‘emotional’, then, you just might be a hopeless romantic.

The Relationship is One-sided

Do your relationships typically feel unbalanced? This is one of the telltale symptoms that you’re a hopeless romantic. Due to your need to implement your fictitious vision, you wind up emotionally
dominating the partnership.

As a result, you get less and find yourself in a one-sided relationship.

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