A Worthy Closet, These Are Some of the Biggest Retail Fashion

Fashion is one of the few things found in all walks of life. Think about it; every single human in the world has interacted with fashion, even if all you wear is leaves. At every level, there are people who ensure that we are clothed exactly how we want.

We are constantly buying clothes; there is no denying the excitement we feel after shopping for new apparel. And for every single demand for the chicest outfits from fashion-forward Nigerians, there is an equal, if not more, supply to cater to them.

Although retail fashion in Nigeria has always been around—with its glaring, directly traceable impact on the fashion ecosystem—some people do it on a whole different scale. Here are some of the biggest fashion retailers in Nigeria


Reni Folawiyo of Alara Lagos.


Located in the heart of an upscale part of Lagos, luxury concept store Reni Folawiyo’s Alára, doesn’t just offer
fashion; it also serves contemporary art, design, cuisine and culture. Over time, Alara has become a reference
store and an essential new destination for costumiers of the local growing district of luxury.


Ezinne Chinkata of Zinkata


Zinkata Boutique accommodates several fashion brands, including Nkwo, Gozel Green, Emmy Kasbit, and other notable designer brands. According to founder Ezinne Chinkata, the brand is subdivided into three sections—the
ready-to-wear store, an e-retail website, and fashion styling & consultancy services.

Vane Style

Veronica Ebie of Vane Style

Vane Style

Founded by One-time DOWNTOWN cover woman, Veronica Ebie, Vane Style is a style agency with over 20 years of specialized services in retail brand development, personal style services, and corporate projects. They have different brands, such as Habaya, Heritage, Mofari, Lady maker, Peridot and many more, to cater to different kinds of women.


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