What The Colour Says About You

The colour of your home says a lot about you, so when choosing a colour for your decor, you should know that it goes deeper than just the aesthetics. Colour conveys a meaning deeper than what meets the eye. Sometimes, your home doesn’t feel homey because the colour is below par with your personality.
You could choose to use different colours for the different sections of your home, as each section serves a unique purpose and requires a certain aura. A better understanding of what each colour means will help guide you in choosing the perfect colour for your space, which will give off the feeling you desire. You may want a lively mood for your living room space, a calm tone for your bedroom, and a neutral ambience for your workroom. Using the wrong colour would make it almost impossible to feel the way you want to in each space.

The colour blue sets an atmosphere of calmness, trust, and intelligence, which makes it a good choice for calm, brainy, and open-minded people.
Brown gives a patina of wholesomeness, warmth, and honesty. You who are hospitable and sincere make it your pick.

Yellow is your go-to colour for happy, hopeful, and spontaneous people. The minimalist and those who love to keep it simple should select white. Then, if you want to show how powerful, elegant, and -sophisticated you are, the colour black is your buddy.

If you want a touch of luxury and a hint that you have a mysterious side to your personality yet still show you are spiritual, purple was made for you.
The colour green gives off the feel of nature, growth, harmony, wealth, and stability; if you connect with any of these, green is yours.

The colour grey effectively communicates the message of professionalism, formality, and conventionality, whereas pink is more suitable for the playful. The colour red announces passion, love, or anger. If you are enthusiastic or creative, you want to go for orange, gold, silver, or bronze. Other metallics emphasise prosperity, wealth, and success.

These colours can be mixed through the perfect blend of wall painting, home items, lighting, and every other thing in the home that aids its overall outlook. You can use perfectly overlapping colours and demonstrate your intended message while giving off your desired nimbus.

It is pertinent to note that these colours come in different shades. For example, yellow is commonly known to be bright, but it has calm tones, like mustard, dijon, medallion, flaxen yellow, and more. Also, brown, which is generally believed to be dull, has bright tones like tan, mocha, camel, beige brown, and more.

When next you pick a colour for your interior, look beyond its aesthetic appeal. You can still give your space that exquisite ambience and desired look while communicating your personality.

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