These 2 Artists Kick Off The Aquarius Season

Element: Air
Symbol: Water-Bearer
Fall: Neptune
Date: January 20th-February 18th

The 11th zodiac sign, Aquarius, is embodied by the water bearer, a reference to the gods furnishing Earth with essential nutrients. Traditionally, Saturn has been regarded as an entity that represents perseverance, strength, and detached emotional natures in this sign.

The ability to have a long-term vision allows them to structure their plans around their ideas. Even though Saturn is a somewhat stern ruler, this is what helps them direct all their attention to a particular project.

Aquarians have the element of air as their predominant sign. Like air, they seem to defy classification. While some Aquarians are enthusiastic and active, others are calm and sensitive. The key to contentment for Aquarians is positive reinforcement. If they don’t have that time alone, they will quickly become bored and disinterested.

They also need a lot of time to ponder and recharge. Aquarians have a unique mix of independence, eccentricity, and intellectualism. Uranus can lead to reforms that are progressive, humanitarian, and unpredictable. Combined, these energies give Aquarians the ability to strive for the unconventional and establish structures in their lives that will last.

Often, water bearers are so focused on enacting widespread change that they neglect their family and friends, gaining a reputation for being distant from them. Aquarians should understand that progress starts on a micro-scale and put empathy and compassion into practice wherever possible. Not only do aquatics desire to save the planet, but they’ve also developed the engineering and intellectual acumen to figure out a way to achieve that goal as well. In addition to their desire to save the world, Aquarians have the engineering and intellectual skills to provide us with a solution.

When they make up their minds, these water bearers stick to them. You cannot convince them to change their views by cajoling or persuading them. Aquarians are totally disinterested in gossip or making small talk with anyone. They live largely in their heads; dissecting knowledge, deconstructing conventions, dreaming up dreams, and imagining outer space. Known for their casual style, unusual hobbies, and nonconformist attitude, this sign is often known for being free-spirited and eccentric. Innovation and uniqueness define them, and they come up with ideas that the rest of us simply cannot. Some examples of these water bearers are Adekunle Gold, Oprah Winfrey, Tiwa Savage, Michael B. Jordan, and Alicia Keys.

Adekunle Gold – 28th January

Adekunle Gold

Adekunle Gold


Right from his graphic design years, it was glaring to those who paid attention that Adekunle ‘Gold’ Kosoko was a rare uncut gem. When he wasn’t crafting love – embroidered lyrics, he was taking us on a journey of what was going on in his head. His particular Kim Kardashian photoshop comes to mind. The lyrically intelligent artist has been able to touch lives with his voice and musical offerings with some of them reaching global acclaim. Gold’s disinterest in sticking to one path and constantly seeking new and different channels to reach his goal is the reason why the January-born talent is a true water bearer.

Tiwa Savage – 5th February

Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage


It takes a tough skin to withstand the debris of scandals Tiwatope Savage has had to wade through in her career. It’s easy to term these upsets as occupational hazards but it takes a different level of perseverance and strength to do that as a mother and ‘Mummy Jamal’ has been able to do just that. As an Aquarius, she owned the narrative in these situations and showed the intellectualism needed to manoeuvre the muddy waters of showbiz. The ability to plan and craft out ideas for future occurrences are just some of what the Aquarius possesses. That aside, she’s also a fantastic artist, with a voice that transcends time

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