The Break Up

I lay down on the bed, urging her to join me, sandwiching her knee between mine, and smiling as I brushed her hair from her face. My gaze jumped from her eyes to her mouth and back before finally
leaning in to kiss her. She curled her fingers around my collar and deepened the kiss. Behind the arousal, a storm cloud lurked; I knew it was time to say goodbye. No matter how good this is, it might be the last opportunity to enjoy it. In a few short hours, I knew she wouldn’t be mine anymore; she would belong to everyone.

I pushed the painful thought aside and helped slide her top off, pulling her closer and groaning like she was the most delectable thing I’d ever tasted. Slipping my tongue between her teeth, my hands coiled around her, igniting places she didn’t think had the power to turn her on. I loved how responsive she was to my simple touches— how she trembled when I pressed my lips to her wrists, the way she gasped when I licked her inner thigh, and when I sucked and nibbled on her breast, I felt strength seep out of her. She made me feel like I had a magic touch, and with every sigh and shiver, I got harder and hotter for her.

I slid my fingers up her thighs, but before reaching the apex, she bent in and stroked her tongue up my ‘Ego’. It was a long, dragging sweep; she looked at me and grinned as she watched the pleasure wash over my face. I let out a breath and clenched my fist; every nerve in my body zeroed in on the silky tongue and her steamy gaze that spoke of carnal intent. Electricity pulsed through me as I watched her slow, methodical moves. She licked it like it was a cool sensuous treat. As she took me in her mouth entirely, sliding her tongue to the base and then sucking a path back to the way she
came, white heat boiled through me.

The vibration of the touch nearly broke me in half. We switched positions, and she was on top of
me; she braced her hands on my shoulder, guiding herself up against the base of my shaft. I grabbed her hips and slid my ‘it’ between her folds. Then she started rocking against me in a slow, easy rhythm while I palmed my hands over her ass, circling the smooth mounds before moving on to her thighs and breast. I enjoyed every bit of her; she was soft in all the right places, firm, and strong everywhere else.

Dora was that kind of woman who could make half a man whole; as that thought crossed my mind, I clasped my hands to the nape of her neck and pulled her mouth to mine. A soft moan of pleasure came like music to my ear, and I was not sure whether it was mine or hers. Our bodies were fully joined, my sex cloaked in her and her lulling smile of pleasure heating my blood. Slowly, I moved my hip, and we began a steady stroke, churning with a smooth rhythm that broadened and rose. As the tension built, I watched her; I wanted to study every expression and soak in every sound. I was hard, cresting on the brink of climax; but I had to hold off for longer and went back to studying her, trying hard to hold on longer.

Her taut nipples rubbed against my chest as she pumped and pumped, rising up and sinking down; I had to bite my tongue to stay focused. The climax fist around my shaft, stroking and grinding until I lost myself with her. As her breath turned to pants, I knew it was time to let go. Her beautiful eyes squeezed in tragic splendour. I tried to hold on, to watch the layers of sensation colour her face, but I came too hard, my body jerking and convulsing until all I could do was surrender to the crush. It tore through me, wave after wave, in a flood of rippling ecstasy. I wrapped my hands around her waist and pulled her close, emptying all I had inside her. The joy and relish in her moans fed the frenzy until the final surge passed, and the thrusts began to subside.

I was right, after all. Our last night together was not fated; it was a night that would change my life
forever. Studying her as she buttoned and zipped her jeans, I noticed the hesitance and resignation in her eyes. I could read every detail of what was going through her mind. I knew how badly she
wanted me to do something to stop her from breaking up with me. I knew I had the power to save our relationship from crashing, but I had no choice but to let it crash. Our relationship was supposed to be really simple, just the two of us hooking up and giving each other pleasure; the sex was supposed to quench our thirst for one another; instead, it deepened the craving.

Dora is such a wonderful girl; she deserves a man who can offer her what she is prepared to give. I know she wanted more than sex from me, but no matter how long it took, I knew I couldn’t be that guy and had nothing to offer her except sex. If I had known from the onset that it would result in this, I would have formulated a plan to cut her loose as painlessly as possible, but it’s too late now.
What Dora wants from me is a luxury I can’t afford. I can’t be anything extra to anybody besides my family at this point in my life. I can only make room for something else once I know I’ve done my job as a provider.

She decided to break up with me when she realised I was not ready to change my decision; coincidentally, on the week she left for the United Kingdom for her Master’s program. By tomorrow, she’d be three thousand miles away from me. We both agreed it would be our last
night together; we had a nice time, but it was time to say the final goodbye. I was unsure what to do. Whether to grab her hand, pull her back or kiss her until I knew what to say to keep her from
going or put a smile on her face. But my confidence was gone. I let her turn and walk out, watching her shadow in the walkway until she was gone.

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Dorcas Akintoye is a versatile writer with a passion for beauty, fashion, relationships, and culinary delight. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, she adds a touch of elegance to every topic she explores. She is a writer at THEWILL DOWNTOWN.

About Author / Dorcas Akintoye

Dorcas Akintoye is a versatile writer with a passion for beauty, fashion, relationships, and culinary delight. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, she adds a touch of elegance to every topic she explores. She is a writer at THEWILL DOWNTOWN.

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