Stay Dripping With Style In These 5 Rainy Season Looks

When it comes to rainy days, the odds are you might feel a little gloomy. Or, in some cases, it feels like the perfect day to stay home and snuggle in bed with a hot cup of tea. But what if we told you it doesn’t have to be that way. Having the right wardrobe choice for the rainy season is a sure way to get you up and out just so you can show off your trendy rainy season outfit. But let’s not forget that during this very wet season, your wardrobe choices, if not selected correctly, can easily be ruined by mud, dirt, and grime. So try as much as possible to avoid white outfits unless you have no intention of walking even two steps from point A to point B.

And it will get a bit cold, so a few fashion adjustments may be long overdue. Not to worry, we’ve strapped up our rain boots, shaken out our umbrellas and waded through different fashion choices to put together a list to help you step out dripping and drenched in style.


It’s raining, but you need to grab a drink with a few friends. Not to worry. A hoodie over denim or a cute cardigan over a pair of trendy pants is just the right amount of casual.


While cocktail parties are usually semiformal, the weather this time of year allows you to take your style up a notch. Adding an oversize overall or, if you like, a poncho to your ensemble gives it a certain oomph, making you an instant style star.


Don’t let this weather stop you from looking like a work of art while taking in the beauty of a creative space. Make your visit to an art gallery more interesting by choosing wearable art as your outfit for the day. You’ll definitely get people wondering how much of an art lover you are.


You might want to take a quick trip to the supermarket, or do a quick school run. Whichever the mission, you can make like Nancy Isime and wear a tracksuit with a pair of heels, or choose sneakers like Banky.


As much as you’d like to skip work and stay indoors, those bills wouldn’t pay themselves. So add a pop of colour to your work ensemble to brighten your mood a la Ebuka. If you work in a more formal environment, simply add a tie. And for the ladies, you can wear a simple trench over your outfit. There’s definitely no stopping you, not with that look.

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