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What happens when you mix beauty, talent [singing], and a storytelling legacy together? You have Oiza and Meyi, twin sisters from Kogi state whose euphonious voices, witty lyrics, and bathroom performances have established them as the latest Instagram sensations. Their catchy videos have garnered tens of thousands of views with a fan base that is expanding by the day. They first came into our orbit via the reality talent show MTN Yellowstar, where they emerged as a part of the top 10 finalists. Fun fact, the talented duo are daughters of famous media veteran, Eugenia Abu, which could account for how grounded and articulate they are. The University of Zaria graduates let us into their world for a quick chat.

Tell us about yourselves…

Our names are Eucharia Ojotule Abu and Eugenia Unekuojo Abu. We are musicians. Oiza is also an actor, makeup artist, and jeweler, while Meyi is a textile designer and an artist.

Who is older and by how much?

Well, it depends, scientifically Oiza is older, but according to tradition, I sent Oiza into the world to find out if it was a good place before reporting back to her superior (Meji) whether or not the world was a safe place for her royal highness.

Who has the worst temper?

Oiza has the worst temper. She once broke an iron spoon in half.

Do you have other siblings?

In our culture, we don’t count children but we are not alone.

When did you find out you were musically talented?

Well, we found out we could sing when we were like six. We wrote our first song, performed it for our parents, aunties, uncles and they applauded us. That’s when we knew.

What was the inspiration for writing Wuse 2 Bad Boyz and have you been stung?

We take cues from what is trending and our personal experiences, that way we give our audience the best of both worlds. We aim to be as relatable as possible and in doing so engage our audience. We call it a form of “gisting”. Is there any Abuja babe that hasn’t? (Been stung that is) The Abuja big boy scene was the inspiration but it’s not our mouth you will hear that there is fish inside geisha.

What advice do you have for girls to steer clear of Wuse 2 Bad Boyz?

Don’t fall for the caftan…it’s a trap! Pray o! Prayer is key because one person’s Wuse 2 Bad Boy is someone else’s Jabi husband and it is by praying you get to meet the latter.

You made it to the top 10 contestants on The MTN Yellow Star. What was that like? Talk us through some of your experiences.

That proverb, “In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is King” best explains our experience at the MTN Yellow star. Singing in the bathroom was our little bubble and all we knew. There was never a reason to push through vocal boundaries we never knew existed, so that was hard but there’s an upside to being surrounded by amazing vocalists in a learning environment that helps you improve and socialize. The fact that we were placed amongst our peers helped. They helped us sail past those obstacles and it morphed us into better musicians. Overall, it was a fun learning experience.

When it comes to twin duos in the music industry, we’ve had male artists and no females. What do you have that distinguishes you from those that came before you?

Not much distinguishes us from our predecessors in the industry in as much as there are more opportunities for women and in music right now. There are new avenues for people to stand independently and own rights to their music and rights whilst contributing to the music business. For example, individuals can record, produce and manage themselves with as little as a laptop or a phone. The increase in opportunities is the major distinguisher from those who came before us. Also, we are having fun which we think is the important thing.

Who’s Peter and who is Paul in the duo and by that I mean who’s the better dancer and who’s the better singer?

Firstly, there’s no Peter neither is there a Paul. But there’s an Oiza and Meyi. We are both mediocre dancers and that solely depends on the dance. As for singing, it depends on the song.

Can we expect an actual song/project from you anytime soon?

Yes, you should. Soonest.

Is there anyone in the industry you’d like to work with?

Everybody o! We intend on being students of the industry. Learning from everybody with each step of the way.

Follow them @oiza_meyi on Instagram to keep up with their sunny personalities and fun content.

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