Longevity, endurance, and stamina have been forms of sexual accreditation since the beginning of humanity, and have infiltrated everything. If you can’t keep it going for more than a minute, you’re labelled a one-minute man. For this and other reasons, the world looked to medicine for a solution. Businesses make a fortune each year from selling viagra and other sexual enhancers. But, to remain on track, I’ll stick to what ignited this piece. I read about two polytechnic students who drugged themselves and had sex until the girl fell into a coma and her male lover reached the finish line, pun intended. The pair allegedly had eleven rounds of coitus before kicking the bucket.

And although the internet had a field day joking about their sexual tragedy, it got me thinking; how many rounds should sex go on for? We know from the two deceased lovers that eleven rounds is the supposed limit, but one could argue that their death was as a result of the doses of tramadol they both ingested before oinking themselves to death. So without drugs or any sexual enhancers, just how many rounds can an average human go without getting drained? Just like in a boxing match, the fighters can only go as far as their fists and legs can carry them, and the same goes for sex. You see, when two sweaty, blooded fighters are slugging it out in a ring, each fighter has to make sure neither of them gets KO’d before a round of two minutes ends. That way, they progress to the next round. So things like grit, endurance and stamina among other things are very important. Paraventure a fighter gets knocked down within a round, they have to shake off the knock before the 10th count. In sex, this is called a refractory period.

By research standards, a round of sex should last for 15 minutes give or take–if you account for foreplay. The refractory period is the duration taken to catch your breath after climaxing. Following an orgasm, most men will endure a period of inability to ejaculate, and some will even lose their erection.

For some guys, the refractory phase can be exceedingly brief and over in a matter of minutes, although that is often a young man’s game. According to studies, the refractory period for older males might be substantially longer, extending up to 24 hours. How then can you try to make it past the first round? Well, there are quite a few methods one of which is pumping the breaks on masturbation. Not ejaculating for a copule of days or weeks-depending on how long you can abstain- will heighten the sensitivity of the penis and do marvels for your sexual urges.

Penis rings have been said to boost stronger and more powerful orgasms. It can cause ejaculation to be delayed, resulting in a more intense orgasm for him while also providing his partner more time to attain climax. But before you grab this tip and run around prodding people with it, ensure that you are purchasing the correct material. These things are available in a variety of materials, including stretchable silicone, metal, and glass. Only skilled users should utilize solid materials such as metal, while beginners should start with elastic cock rings. They can be worn around the base of the penis, or it can be worn around the penis and testicles for an even more powerful feeling.

Another thing you can try out if you’re uncomfortable with mildly suffocating your penis is a kegel exercise. Kegel is a simple pelvic floor excercise that is done by contracting the muscles that assist you in stopping urine flow. Hold them for five seconds, then release and repeat ten times. Do three sets of these every day for a few weeks, and you should see an improvement in orgasm control. Whichever choice you end up going with, it is worth noting that not all men can go more than a round without breaking a sweat. Things like health, age and several other things could be in play. I guess it is safe to say it is different strokes for different folks.

I wouldn’t necessarily call myself Muhammad Ali in the bedroom, but then again, I know my way around the four corners of the turnbuckle or in this case, a room. On many occasions, “banging one out” has been deemed the immediate antidote to a broken heart. But what happens when you’ve banged several ones out and there’s nothing cumming? Breakups cause a physiological response, in which numerous confused, swooning sensations ricochet about, rendering an individual emotionally immobilized; you are internalizing anger, heartache, anxiety and sometimes depression, all trying to keep up appearances and life basically. I couldn’t do that, I needed to stop feeling like sh–t and quickly. Greta had made moves toward me since we crossed paths. We had established a spark worth exploring, but I was in a serious relationship, so anything sexual was very much off the table. But as I was on my way to hers, I was unhindered, unshackled and newly single. Of course, I was hurt, but I wasn’t ready to dwell on that. I just wanted to pound it out, and that was exactly what I did. Greta had desired me deep in her loins since we met, but now she had me all to herself. I drank from her enormously large breasts like a newborn. What was even more absurd was the size of her derriere.

With each stroke, it bounced, jiggled, and encompassed my phallus. Every pound was greeted with a meaty, soft hug. Her moist insides tightened their grasp on the trunk of my penis. Her cherry was too tasty for just one bite, so after orgasming, I was ready for another mouthful and another, and another. We persisted, and with each orgasm came less sperm. And eventually, with every ounce of energy depleted, I climaxed with no sperm. My sperm reserve had run dry, and so had whatever reserve she had. We had petered each other out, and eventually, we passed out cocooned in each other’s arms.

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