Nicolas Ghesquière Renews Vision at Louis Vuitton with a Five-Year Extension as Artistic Director

In a significant move within the luxury fashion world, Louis Vuitton has announced the extension of Nicolas Ghesquière’s tenure as the Artistic Director of Womenswear for an additional five years. This decision marks a notable moment of stability and continuity for the brand in an industry where the turnover of creative directors is often swift.

Ghesquière, who first took the reins in 2013 after succeeding Marc Jacobs, has since established himself as a luminary in fashion design. Renowned for his exceptional ability to fuse historical references with cutting-edge contemporary style.

Ghesquière has played a pivotal role in redefining the aesthetic narrative of Louis Vuitton’s womenswear. His approach has not only been celebrated but also seen as a guiding light in an ever-evolving fashion landscape.

Reflecting on his journey and future with Louis Vuitton, the 52-year-old designer expressed his deep appreciation. “It is a true honor to continue writing the story of Louis Vuitton,” Ghesquière stated. “We embarked on this journey a decade ago, striving to craft a new identity that honors an extraordinary heritage while relentlessly pursuing innovation.” He further acknowledged the privilege of working with the Maison’s talented teams, emphasizing the development of new codes that have redefined the brand.

One of Ghesquière’s recent triumphs includes the showcasing of his latest collection at a prestigious building on Champs Elysées, destined to be the site of a new Vuitton superstore and the brand’s inaugural hotel. This move not only signifies the expansion of the brand’s physical footprint but also its ongoing evolution under his creative guidance.

According to WWD, Ghesquière’s tenure has been instrumental in Louis Vuitton achieving a staggering annual revenue of US $20 billion last year, underscoring his significant contribution to the brand’s financial success.

Pietro Beccari, Chairman and CEO of Louis Vuitton, shared his enthusiasm about the extended collaboration. “I am immensely proud to work alongside Nicolas Ghesquière, a true creative genius,” Beccari remarked. He praised Ghesquière’s reimagining of the Women’s Universe at Louis Vuitton, noting the introduction of a sharp new ready-to-wear silhouette, iconic leather goods and shoes, and numerous remarkable destination shows. “His vision has been crucial to the Maison’s success over the past decade, and I eagerly anticipate our continued journey together.”

Additionally, the fashion house confirmed that its menswear line remains in the creative hands of Pharrell Williams, who debuted his first collection last June on Pont Neuf. Williams’ unique style and vision are expected to complement Ghesquière’s ongoing work, together steering Louis Vuitton into a new era of innovation and distinction.

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