HARMATTAN ESSENTIALS: Prepare For The Season With These 7 Must-haves

Summer, spring, autumn and winter are some of the most popular seasons, aided by the fact that they are all experienced by the Western world. It’s different for us in Nigeria, however. Here, there are two major seasons—wet and dry. The wet season —is usually between April and October—and the dry season —is from November to March. Nowadays, however, no thanks to climate change, the timing of these seasons has been unpredictable. Hitherto, harmattan (our winter) comes around unannounced, leaving Nigerians unprepared. From lipgloss to sunscreens, here are items you need to maintain your drip through this dust-laden, cold-dry-air season.


Keeping your skin protected from the sun is essential at all times. Make sure you wear sunscreen between 30 and 50 SPF.

Ultra Dry-Touch Sunscreen SPF 45


During the harmattan, many people have dry, white skin. That’s the last thing you want— to be one of those folks. To keep your skin moisturised and stop it from becoming white or cracking due to dryness, you should always carry body oil or petroleum jelly with you. Pay special attention to your arms, elbows, knees, shins, ankles, and feet.

The Revitalizer Supercritical Body Oil


You must always have lip gloss since you do not want to walk around with parched, unsightly lips. Because chapped lips are so unpleasant, you could even start bleeding from them, which makes it difficult to grin freely. You can quickly reapply lip gloss whenever you feel your lips becoming dry, and you’ll be set to go.

Moisture Surge Pop Triple Lip Balm


Your hair receives hydration with the help of deep conditioning. It will aid in preventing any damage or possible breaking brought on by the hair being overly dry and brittle. You will assist your hair in retaining moisture by doing this at least once every two weeks. You can also try a leave-in conditioner every two to three days.

Ghost Conditioner

Wheat Conditioner


One of the disadvantages of this weather is dehydration. Water needs to be consumed frequently due to the dry air. Your skin will feel dryer and more dehydrated the less water you drink. Do not overload your system with carbonated beverages at this time. By carrying a bottle of water with you wherever you go, you’ll be doing yourself and your health a big favour.

Water in Infuser Water Bottle


Frizz and hair breakage are common problems caused by the harsh weather in harmattan. You should wear satin hair scarves to keep moisture in your hair since they prevent your hair from drying out and from the dust during the day.

Sakura Scarf


Now is the perfect time to buy a pair of sunglasses. Keeping sunglasses on you all the time will protect your eyes from dust and sunburn. They are the ideal protection against dirt and sun rays, especially in the afternoon. During this season, the sun shines at its brightest as there is no cloud to cover the sun. Therefore, it can be blinding to walk under it.


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