Fashion For The New Man

Fashion trends come and go. As human beings, this is not far fetched, because we evolve as the years go by. In previous years, fashion trends for men were restricted to gender-specific styles and colours. Blue was the colour for boys, and pink was the colour for girls.

More recently, however, these confines of fashion expression have been replaced by more liberating trends. Male fashion now utilises a larger colour spectrum that ranges from subtle pastels to bold colours. Fashion for the new man explores more gender-neutral colours and themes, and it seems these trends have come to stay.

International and local brands have embraced these gender-neutral styles, and released unorthodox designs and styles that men now explore in their styling options.

Here’s a catalogue of styles and products that amplify fashion for the new man.

Colour Me Bad

Globally, the colours yellow, white, orange, brown and green are recognized as gender-neutral colours. Fashion for the modern man has embraced these colours in trendy styles that can be worn to achieve a dapper look.

Make like Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, and style your shirts and pants with a pink jacket or you may wear a yellow trench coat over your suit.

A plain off-white, white, or tan suit with colour details may just be what you need to up your game.


Two-Piece Please

With time, two-pieces have become a fashion statement for the modern man. There are a variety of style and colour options for men to explore. The Assian SS22 orange two-piece is a great start. These may be styled to achieve a slimmer fit, while an orange sweatpants and sweatshirt combination makes for a looser two-piece style.

For an avant-garde look, you may explore these runway styles. Opting for this look in a teal or pink two-piece gives the perfect combination of artsy and rich sophistication. Draw inspiration from Crag Green or Herschel

Accessories, Accessories, Accessories

Accessories complete any look. Sunglasses and shoes are a great way to complement your style. Add a pair of yellow sunglasses or sneakers to bring some modern man style to your ensemble.
For a corporate look, the Medico Merkmak shoes are a great option.

However, for a casual look, the colour white is a sophisticated colour; and these white Gucci slides or Moying sneakers will do the trick. You might even add a beanie to achieve an edge in your style.


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