Democracy Day Watch Of The Week: Journey Of An African Colony

The Nigerian story is a mixture of great victory and hidden glory. Oftentimes, we listen to our forefathers speak of the great history of a great nation, its fight for independence and the triumph that bore the Nigeria of today.

Centuries have passed away with hidden stories of true events that in many ways have shaped and influenced the present day interactions and power dynamics that operate in Nigeria till today.

Significant events have been left out of the books of history that have been taught in schools and places of learning all over Nigeria. The presence of heavy slave trade in the 1800s would however continue to impact on the present day Nigeria, telling its own gory story of a false independence from the British.

The Journey of an African colony is a documentary written and narrated by the eloquent Olasupo Shashore as he tours the corners and landmarks of what now shapes the Federation of Nigeria. His visit to many historic places opens the eyes to see rich culture and heritage, as well as horrors that are hidden away in history books found far away from their places of origin.

In a 7-part docu-series, Olasupo narrates the ordeals of the British government in conquering Kingdoms all over Nigeria, the forced amalgamation of separate kingdoms and the role of the country’s natural and human resources in the industrial revolution that gave birth to the new United Kingdom.

Olasupo’s narration of the events in Nigeria through brilliant storytelling brings insight into the deep rooted causes of underdevelopment of some parts of the country and the main reasons for the advancement of seaports in the Federal territory.

This modern documentary is a great recommendation for Nigerians and quite frankly everyone interested in knowing the true Nigerian and African story. Told from an African perspective, it accurately debunks historical ‘whitewashing’ of often celebrated ‘British heroes’ in Nigerian history.

The documentary also highlights how deep rooted patriarchal issues watered down the important role women played in agitating, fighting for and securing Nigerian Independence.

I believe that some of the revelations unearthed in this beautiful documentary should be included in modern day history taught in schools and other places of learning. The Journey of the African colony, Nigeria, is one filled with so much depth that should never be hidden away.

Journey of an African Colony is now streaming on Netflix

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