Beard Oil Vs Beard Balm, The Difference And Reasons Why You Need Both

Whether trying to gain some edge at work or want to look and feel your best, growing out and caring for your facial hair helps boost your look. And so, it is no surprise that experts in the grooming space came up with a full range of treatments and solutions to help care for beards and the surrounding area. The two most popular of them are beard oil and beard balm.

Many people wonder about their main differences and whether they should choose one. They are both conditioning products that help hydrate, nourish, and soften your beard.


Beard oil is an oil-based, light moisturiser that you can apply throughout your entire beard quickly and effortlessly. Beard oil contains a combination of carrier oils and essential oils. In case you didn’t know, carrier oils are the ingredients that do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to moisturising, conditioning and softening your beard and skin. They also help keep your beard healthy and strong. Whereas essential oils contain anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties
that help add fragrance to the oil.

On the other hand, beard balms, also called beard butter or utility balm, are the new up-and- omers of the beard industry. Beard balms are a combination of hard oils or butter, waxes, and some carrier oils that you typically find in beard oil. They have a higher viscosity than beard oil. The thicker texture adds weight to help hold down stubborn beard hairs and flyaways that go against your beard’s shape. The longer your beard grows further from your skin, the more difficult it becomes for the sebum and beard oil on your skin to travel down to the end of your beard. This is where the beard balm comes in, and they make a significant impact because you can apply it to the end of your beard and have a slow release of hydration throughout the day. Men with medium to beards find beard balm favourable.

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(1) Beard Balm helps in Styling

Beard balm is the best styling companion because it provides a light hold that lets your beard look neat and stay in shape for hours. Get your messy beard in shape for a special occasion using beard balm. They also work to control stray hairs and develop a natural put-together look.

Scented Beard Balm VALHALLA

(2) Beard Oil Nourishes YourBeard And Promotes Growth

Apart from moisturising your facial hair, beard oil helps nourish your facial hair with the help of various essential oils, vitamins and minerals. Beard oil also helps in promoting faster, thicker and more robust beard growth when produced with the right ingredients.

Citratella Beard Oil BEARD OCTANE

(3) Protection From The External Elements

Natural ingredients and a healthy mixture of essential oil in beard balm help protect facial hair from external elements like humility, cold, high winds, sun exposure, etc. Exposing your beard to all these elements can lead to protein-loss damage of beard hair fibres. Beard balm carries a thin protective layer that nourishes the skin underneath and shields your beards from unravelling amidst extreme weather conditions.

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(4) Beard Oil Relieves Any Beard Itch And Eliminates Beardruff

Beard oil helps eliminate unpleasant beardruff by blending several high-quality oils. They perform an excellent job when it comes to nourishing the skin beneath your facial hair, as well as the hair follicles themselves.


(5) Beard Balm Gives a Thicker Appearance

The natural ingredients in beard balm, such as natural beeswax, shea butter, almond butter and so on, help add extra volume and weight to your facial hairs, giving your beard a thicker, healthier appearance. Try applying the balm soon after washing your beard, then see how it will seal in the moisture, adding to the appearance of weight.

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(6) It Makes Your Beard Smell Great

Beard oils that come with scents attract a lot of attention such that they have the potential to act as cologne. Some beard oils are fragrance-free; they are called Sans Parfum. Using San Parfum has the advantage of not having your beard oil and cologne clash in terms of fragrance. If you choose to go with the scented beard oil, ensure it contains a natural fragrance instead of anything artificial.

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(7) It Hydrates Your Face And Softens Your Beard

Beard oil with components like almond oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E and so on helps hydrate the skin beneath your beard. They work together to perform a kind of rain dance on your face.



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