8 DIY Hacks To Dry Your Nail Polish Fast

We all feel excited after getting our nails done, although that excitement is sometimes short-lived or side-tracked when it comes to getting your nail paint dry. Sitting idle and waiting for your nail paint to dry requires a lot of patience.

But what happens if you are in a hurry? Will you risk getting your freshly painted nail smudged? Here, we share eight DIY hacks to dry your nail polish in a jiff.

1.   Freeze Your Nail Polish.



After painting your nails, go to your kitchen and place your hands in the refrigerator’s freezer section. Keep them there for at least five minutes or for as long as you can hold off. After that, sit with your hands spread and let the icy nails turn normal.

To know if your nails are completely dry, you will notice some water beads on your hands, and that’s the sign you need to assure you that you nailed it.

2.   Consider Your Nail Polish


If you are rushing and want your nail paint to dry faster, picking the right colour can do the trick. Studies have proven that some nail polish takes lesser time to dry comparatively. By choosing a  lighter nail colour, glossy or metallic shade or nude nail polish, there are chances that it will dry quicker with fewer coats.


Darker nail polish usually takes longer to dry because they are highly pigmented.

3.   UV Lamps Or LED Lamps

Gel UV Nail Lamp SUNUV


We must have seen salons or professional artists using LED or UV Lamps after they paint your nails. You can dry your nail polish for about two minutes under a UV lamp and for a minute under an LED lamp.

LED Nail Lamp Image BY ADOBE


This tip is especially helpful for gel nail polish.

4.   Apply Thin Layers, Always



This trick could save you a lot of drying time. Anytime you apply several thin coats of your polish,
rather than just one or two thick coats, you are giving your nail polish a chance to dry between each layer. This, in turn, leads to a more even and levelled finish and, overall, faster drying.

Although you might think it is bizarre at first and more or less like you are slowing down the whole process, it does make a huge difference in making the overall drying time quicker.

5.   Blow Dry Your Nail Polish

Blow Dryer


Before you start painting your nails, plug in your hairdryer and turn on the cool air setting. Note that you must keep the hairdryer at a low fan speed.

Once you finish painting your nails, carefully use the dryer to blow dry your nails with a stream of cool air.

6.   Apply Quick-Dry Top Coat

Top Coat GA & EN


The Quick-Drying top coat adds a layer of glossy sheen to your nail polish and dries your nails in less than a minute. The best top coats assist in preventing chipping.

Believe it when we say getting yourself a Quick-Dry top coat is a worthy investment. That’s how it’s done.

7.   Use Olive Oil Drops

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil IMAGE FROM COROLI LIFE


Once you are done painting your nails, soak your freshly coated nails for a couple of minutes in extra virgin olive oil to assist in drying your nail polish faster. If you don’t have extra virgin olive
oil, you can always use extra virgin coconut oil, sunflower oil or baby oil as alternatives.

8.  Listen To Music, Chit-Chat or Get Yourself a Massage

DJ Cuppy

Relax. if you have the time, listen to music, chat with a friend

, get busy doing something (not an activity that will mess up your freshly painted nails), and before you know it, your nail polish is dry.


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