Young African And Stylish

Nothing could be cuter than seeing a child dressed to the nines. Like adults, kids’ fashion houses and labels constantly churn out new designs and trends, and the parents are not leaving any creases unironed in seeing that their children look their best.

Sometimes, kids have an innate sense of style, choosing outfits for themselves from a very young age; when they do, guide them, you might have a fashion designer or a stylist in the making right in front of you.

Comfort Is Key
Choosing comfortable material should not be overlooked; especially for kids between 0-18 months who cannot speak yet. Go for soft, breathable fabrics that will not irritate their tender skin.

Colour Me Baby
Have a colour palette in mind, just as you would for yourself. Do stick to blue, pink, white, grey, and light brown for everyday outfits and save the bright colours for special occasions. Also, try to avoid colours, cuts and silhouettes that do not complement their age or complexion.

Whether The Weather
Always consider the weather when you shop. Avoid very light and peekaboo style clothing on the cooler days; if you do dress them in such clothes, consider adding a jacket to the look.

Growing Up
You may not know this, but allowing your child to pick clothes when you go shopping with them boosts confidence. As they get older, they will want to choose their own outfits; you only need to guide them at this stage.

P.S: Worthy of note is that each trend or style, like adults, says a lot about your child, so choose outfits that match their personality to bring the best out of them.


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