Underrated Global Beauties: Exploring Vienna

In a world blessed with so many beautiful destinations on all continents, it’s normal to overlook some places, especially if they haven’t been explored enough. Vienna, the capital city of Austria, stands as one of these many under-explored cities in the world, and it holds many beautiful sites to admire and experience. From grand palaces and classical music venues to delightful cafes and busy markets, Vienna is a city steeped in rich history, elegant architecture, and lively cultural attractions. In this week’s travel guide, we have an exposè on a few of Vienna’s captivating destinations.

Schonbrun Palace and Gardens

Home to the Habsburg emperors in the 18th century, the Schonbrun Palace is one of Vienna’s most iconic landmarks. Renowned as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this exquisite architectural work, together with its elegant garden, is a symbol of power and beauty. Tourists can access the Palace Park and experience the beautiful gardens free of charge during opening hours.


Historic Centre of Vienna (Innere Stadt)

A memorable centre dating back to the Roman ages, the Innere Stadt boasts architectural wonders, lovely squares, and cultural artefacts. It is also home to other landmarks such as St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Hofburg Palace, and more. Take a tour of this historical centre, and you are guaranteed to leave feeling both astonished and knowledgeable as you learn more about its history.


Belvedere Palace And Museum

Located in the heart of Vienna, the Belvedere Palace is an architectural masterpiece thanks to its Baroque style. Surrounded by beautiful gardens and fountains, it is known to house Prince Eugene of Savior during the summer seasons back in history. Art enthusiasts come from around the world to admire the designs created by renowned artists such as Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, and Claude Monet. If you love art, you are welcome to explore this beauty.



After a day of walking around and feeding your eyes, take some time to feed your tummy with delectable cuisines at Naschmarkt, Vienna’s largest and most popular open market. Visitors can browse through stalls selling fresh products from all around the world.

Keep in mind that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Vienna has so much more to offer, so if you are considering visiting, you have a guide to places you could start your tour. Bon Voyage.

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