Linda And Ibrahim Suleiman Talk Marriage, Podcast, And Everything In Between

The Nigerian Entertainment industry has seen many marriages burn and fizzle out quickly. However, some celebrity couples have worked hard against all odds to make their marriage work, whether they’ve been married for decades or just a few years. These couples managed to prove to the world that true love exists when you are with the right person.

Linda Ejiofor and Ibrahim Suleiman are one of the power couples in the Nigerian entertainment industry. Their union is likened to the prayers of many about getting married to their playmates. Linda and Ibrahim’s love story is unique and always leaves people in awe. They got married in 2018, and in 2020, they welcomed their first child, Keon. In 2022, they started their podcast, “Due Parenting”, to share the little they’ve learned from their parenting journey as well as learning from the experiences of their friends and guests.

In this interview with THEWILL DOWNTOWN’s Dorcas Akintoye, Linda Ejiofor and her heartthrob Ibrahim Suleiman gave us insight into their marriage, from starting as friends to becoming lovers. They also shared with us what Valentine means to them, their perspective on parenting, and rituals or traditions that have helped liven the spark in their marriage.

How did you two first meet, and what was the moment you realised you were meant for each other?


Ibrahim: We met a number of times over a span of about five years before we actually became friends. Once that happened, we spent almost every available day together, and it wasn’t difficult to transition from being best friends to seeing each other as life partners.


Linda: It was simple, comfortable, and safe. Friendship is always the best foundation. Plus, we are really attracted to each other, so it’s a win-win.



In your journey as a married couple, how do you navigate the balance between your professional careers and personal lives? 


Ibrahim: We talk about everything. Communication is vital to us. We make our home a safe haven where the pressures of work can’t get to us, and we try to schedule our work around our personal lives, not the other way around.


What inspired you to start the “Due Parenting” podcast, and how has it impacted your approach to parenting?


Linda: Pregnancy was pretty much a smooth ride, and so was the process of having the baby. Between the two of us, we read everything and planned to the last detail. But you see when the third person joined the equation, all bets were off! We were taken off guard by how little non-medical information there was available to new parents about how to navigate the parenting journey. So, we decided we would do our bit to improve the accessible information on the topic. The impact it has had on our approach to parenting is that we are more intentional about learning on the job and extending grace to each other and to Keon as well. It’s tough for him, too, seeing as he is also experiencing all this for the first time.


How do you keep the romance alive in your marriage, especially with the demands of a busy schedule and parenting responsibilities? 


Ibrahim: We communicate our feelings in as much detail as possible. If either one of us feels like they are not getting enough one-on-one care or attention, we talk about it and remedy it as quickly as possible.


Linda: And because we really enjoy being around each other, sometimes all it takes is making sure our work schedules allow for days off that intersect just so we can spend it together. And we do regular weekend getaways even within the city and country.


How have your perspectives on parenting evolved since becoming parents, and how do you incorporate those insights into your podcast discussions?


Ibrahim: We always knew that parenting is tough.

But we have also learned that it is fun too.

So we try to find the positives and mostly focus on those. Importantly, parenting has to be intentional and consistent. Children are sensitive to tone, moods, etc. They easily pick up on your emotions and are very observant. They have unique personalities, so every discussion has to start off based on the premise that the child(ren) in question is an autonomous human being, too.



Balancing individual goals and shared aspirations can be challenging. How do you support each other’s personal and professional growth within the marriage? 


Ibrahim: We cannot over-emphasise the importance of true friendship and intentional communication. We are very honest with each other about what we (do not) want.

That way, we can find ways to get involved in each other’s personal journeys without being intrusive. We push each other a lot, and it is pretty obvious we are self-appointed chairpersons of each other’s fan base.


Parenthood often brings new dynamics. How do you handle disagreements or differences in parenting styles, and how has it strengthened your relationship?


Linda: We talked about a lot of things before we got married, including spirituality, family, finances, ambitions, beliefs, etc. Name it, we talked about it. Thankfully, our belief systems are very similar, especially regarding parenting.

But whenever we do disagree, we talk. Sometimes with research to back up our points of view. (laughs)



How do you prioritise self-care and maintain your individual identities within the context of a committed relationship and parenthood? 


Linda: We are both indoor people who value peace and quiet. I love to sleep. Ibrahim doesn’t sleep much.

We both enjoy reading and watching TV. We watch many shows together, but we have our individual preferences. So if I am watching my K-drama downstairs, he watches his sci-fi upstairs. I drag him to the Spa, and he drags me to the beach. He plays FIFA on his console, and I play Coin Master on my phone. Thankfully, we both enjoy showers and smelling nice.


Can you share a specific instance where a lesson learned in your marriage became valuable parenting advice, or vice versa? 


Ibrahim: Oh, there are lots of those instances shared on the podcast. (laughs)

But one of the most valuable lessons marriage and parenting will teach anyone who is willing to learn is the ability to extend grace. Grace to yourself and your family.


What rituals or traditions do you have as a couple that contribute to a sense of unity and continuity in your relationship? 


Ibrahim: Alone time together. Sometimes, we just cuddle and talk for hours until we are hungry. (laughs)

We also enjoy eating together.


Linda: We take turns to make the bed before prayers. It sounds strange, but I miss it when we are apart.


How do you handle public scrutiny and opinions about your relationship, and what advice do you have for other couples in the public eye?


Ibrahim: Share only what you want to. Keep some of it for private enjoyment. Not every trip, milestone, win or loss is for everyone.


Linda: People will always have an opinion. And they have rights. The important thing is to focus on the truth that you know. It can be painful, but life is like that.


How do you celebrate milestones and achievements in your marriage, both personally and professionally?


Linda: This man makes a huge deal of every small win I get. He will make noise all over the house for days!


Ibrahim: She is my favourite celebrity, and I get to hear all the gist firsthand! She buys me cute presents whenever I achieve anything. No matter how mundane. So I’ve adopted that habit too. It is fun, and the way her eyes light up every time makes it worth it.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned about love and partnership through your journey as a couple?


Ibrahim: Put your partner first. If both of you do that, you’ll both be fine.


Linda: Be consistent. Being able to rely on your partner because you know they will come through for you is a blessing.


What does Valentine’s Day mean to both of you and do you have any special traditions or rituals for celebrating it?


Linda: Almost all through our marriage, one or both of us has had to work on Valentine’s Day, so we send each other food, gifts, etc., on set throughout the day.


Ibrahim: And then we “talk” when we get home at night.


As a couple, do you believe in the idea of celebrating love beyond just Valentine’s Day, and if so, how do you integrate it into your lives?


Linda: Every morning, we look at each other and say, “I choose you”. It was his idea, but I loved it so much that I recommend it to all my friends.

So yes, every day is Valentine’s Day.


Ibrahim: It sounds like a simple statement, but if you think about it, it is very profound. You are basically reaffirming your commitment to using all your resources to show that person that you love them.


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Dorcas Akintoye is a versatile writer with a passion for beauty, fashion, relationships, and culinary delight. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, she adds a touch of elegance to every topic she explores. She is a writer at THEWILL DOWNTOWN.

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