Jonathan Majors Reflects on Relationship with Meagan Good Post Legal Battle

Actor Jonathan Majors, recently embroiled in legal controversy over domestic violence allegations, has sparked discussions about the role of partnership in adversity by drawing parallels with the late Coretta Scott King, an esteemed author and civil rights icon.

Majors, recognized for his performances in “Lovecraft Country,” “Creed III,” “Loki,” and “Ant-Man and the Wasp,” likened his current relationship with actress Meagan Good to the supportive bond King shared with her husband. In a candid interview with Good Morning America, released on January 8 by ABC News, he opened up about the impact of his high-profile case.

The actor expressed deep gratitude for Good’s unwavering support during his tumultuous legal proceedings involving former girlfriend and actress Grace Jabbari. Jabbari accused Majors of physical assault in an incident that occurred in March 2023 in New York City’s Chinatown.

Describing Good as an “angel” who provided immense support before and throughout the trial, Majors remarked, “She’s held me down like a Coretta [Scott King]. I’m so blessed to have her. The relationship is still fresh, but I think I found her.”

Publicly dating since May 2023, Majors and Good’s relationship has been in the spotlight, particularly following a December jury verdict in New York. Majors was found guilty of harassment and assault related to Jabbari’s allegations. Throughout the trial, Majors and his defense team asserted his innocence, portraying him as a victim of Jabbari’s aggression. Conversely, the prosecution depicted Majors as the primary instigator in the incident.

A key element in the trial was an audio recording where Majors told Jabbari that he sought a partner akin to “Coretta Scott King and Michelle Obama.” Explaining this reference in his GMA interview, Majors stated, “It was me trying to give an analogy of what it is I’m aspiring to be… and trying to give a reference point to that. I needed her — in that case, Grace — to make the sacrifices that I am making.”

In the interview, Majors also deliberated on his decision to publicly address his trial and his response to the verdict, maintaining his denial of causing Jabbari’s injuries. “It’s about responsibility and coming forward and being brave. And giving my part of the story,” he explained. “Shock. I was absolutely shocked — and afraid,” he added, reflecting on the moment his guilty verdict was announced.

Responding to Majors’ interview, Jabbari’s attorney, Brittany Henderson, remarked, “It is not at all surprising that Mr. Majors continues to take no accountability for his actions.”

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