Hacks To De-Puff Your Face 6 And Look Refreshed

We sometimes wake up with a puffy face; it may be due to a late night out, unhealthy snacks and sometimes oversleeping. Experts have proven that the major reason for puffiness is a lack of hydration in the face. Many things cause skin dehydration which results in puffiness on the face. Dehydration causes skin puffiness when the skin senses a lack of moisture, and then it sends signals to the blood vessels to retain the water reserves it already has. Due to the excess fluid retention in the blood vessels, the skin gets puffy. Taking in substances like caffeine, alcohol, common salt, sodium, and so on can cause dehydration.No matter the reason for your face puffiness, we’ve got you covered with these six hacks to de-puff your face.

ice cubes

ice cubes


1. Massage With Ice cubes

We may not all be familiar with using ice cubes for massaging the face during facial sessions, but the truth is that ice cubes work magically over a puffy face. For usage, massage the affected area with the ice cubes, and you will be amazed at the result. The bloating starts to reduce immediately there is better blood circulation.

2. Check Your DietE

Excessive intake of certain substances like alcohol, caffeine, salt, and so on can cause dehydration, resulting in increased puffiness and bloating of the face. All you have to do is check your intake of substances that can make you vulnerable to puffiness and bloating.

3. Hydrate Regularly

By keeping yourself well hydrated, you can reduce puffinessaltogether. When you are hydrated, the puffiness will naturally decrease. You can drink three litres of water daily to stay hydrated. Another trick would be using hydrating products on your skin to prevent bloating and puffiness.


4. Massage With Face Tools

Another method that helps to debloat your face is massaging your face with essential oils and massaging tools like face rollers or GuaSha. Face tools help enhance the blood circulation in the face by stimulating the lymph nodes, which causes lymphatic drainage, which affects collagen production positively, leading to better blood circulation and reducing facial bloating. You can refrigerate the facial tools and use them cold on your face for a better effect.

5. Slap on a Mask

You can use a mask to eliminate bloating and puffiness, but you must ensure the mask is infused with key ingredients to combat puffiness and swelling. Any mask with ingredients like magnesium, and a cooling effect, can revive the face with a more lifted and firmer appearance.

6. Sweat it Out

If you notice puffiness on your face, try jumping on the treadmill or elliptical and get your blood flowing. Apart from the fact that it will help in your blood circulation, it will also help open up your
pore, which results in sweating out all the bad stuff in your face.

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