GTCO Fashion Weekend Recap: A Melting Pot Of Fashion, Culture, And Innovation

This past weekend, the GTCO Fashion Weekend transformed Lagos into a vibrant showcase of fashion, art, and culture. In its 6th edition, the event not only solidified its status as a cornerstone of African fashion but also displayed GTCO’s unwavering commitment to the promotion and growth of local talent and industry.

The runway was ablaze with creativity and style, featuring standout collections from designers like Sukeina, and Sergio Hudson, with presentations from emerging talent, Rendoll. Sukeina, founded by Senegalese designer Omar Salam, is known for its sophisticated and powerful designs. The brand’s name, which means “bright light” in Arabic, reflects its commitment to creating pieces that celebrate and empower women. Sukeina’s style is characterized by intricate detailing, bold silhouettes, and a blend of traditional African influences with modern couture.

Sergio Hudson is an American designer renowned for his bold and elegant designs. He gained notable recognition for dressing high-profile clients, including former First Lady Michelle Obama and Vice President Kamala Harris. Hudson’s style is marked by its embrace of classic glamour, with a particular emphasis on strong tailoring, vibrant colors, and impeccable fit. His designs often feature sleek, body-conscious silhouettes combined with a timeless aesthetic, making them popular choices for red carpet and high-profile events.

Finally, Rendoll, a relatively new addition to the scene brought a fresh perspective to fashion, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetics. Their SS24 collection showcased innovative designs, unique fabric choices, and a blend of cultural and contemporary elements. The presentation featured dramatic shapes, luxurious fabrics, and a strong sense of elegance and femininity. Overall, the designs not only spoke volumes about the versatility of Back-owned and African fashion but also its mounting global relevance.

The GTCO Fashion Weekend’s educational facet was brilliantly illuminated by its series of masterclasses, hosted by the esteemed writer and creative visionary, Nicole Asinugo. These sessions, led by industry stalwarts, delved into the intricacies of fashion and beauty, offering attendees invaluable insights from their years of experience.

Supermodel Jourdan Dunn graced the event with her presence, offering a candid look into her journey in the modeling world. She emphasized the qualities essential for success in the high-pressure environment of fashion modeling, underscoring the importance of resilience and self-belief. However, what made her session profoundly impactful was her focus on mental health. Jourdan stressed the significance of taking care of one’s mental and emotional well-being in an industry often characterized by its relentless pace and high standards. Her message resonated deeply, highlighting the often-overlooked aspect of personal well-being in the pursuit of professional success.

Celebrated for his work with luminaries like Beyoncé, makeup artist Sir John brought a unique perspective to the weekend. He delved into the concept of luxury, challenging the conventional notion of it being a mere representation of wealth and opulence. According to Sir John, true luxury is about creating an atmosphere, a perception that transcends the visual and tangible aspects. It’s the art of crafting experiences and narratives that evoke emotions and resonate on a deeper level. His insights provided a refreshing take on luxury, encouraging attendees to think beyond traditional definitions and explore the more intangible, experiential elements of luxury in fashion and beauty.

As the curtains fall on another successful GTCO Fashion Weekend, it’s clear that the event is more than just a celebration of style, it’s a testament to the vibrant spirit of African culture and creativity. GTCO’s vision in fostering this environment not only champions the rich tapestry of African fashion but also propels it onto the world stage, promising an even brighter future for the industry.

Guests at GTCO

Jourdan Dunn

Makeup by MAC

Models at GTCO

Sergio Hudson

Sir John

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