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Stubborn, lazy, and laid back, are some of the traits often associated with Taurus. Sure, they can come off as such at times, but their actions are actually guided by a more intellectual and analytical character than is commonly attributed to them. Taureans aren’t hesitant to roll up their sleeves and put in long hours to reap the benefits of their hard labour. They’re ambitious, determined, and tenacious, and they feel most secure when they deposit money into a savings account regularly. Taurus, owing to its ruling planet Venus, appreciates and engages in all things artistic and romantic. Tauruses are pleasure-seekers. They’re known for their long-winded, foreplay-filled lovemaking. They are known for setting the scene with soft kisses, handholding, and flirty glances across the room, all of which lead to long-lasting, attentive lovemaking. Outside of the bedroom, though, the bull’s game plan is to take their time. They have a reputation for having a long fuse, even when angry. Any physical manifestation of comfort and luxury enchants these cosmic bulls. Pleasure is a must for epicurean Taureans, and they are happiest when they are indulged.

Jidenna - Born May 4th

Jidenna – Born May 4th

Taurus’ deliberate modus operandi stems from their hardheadedness and slowness to act on almost anything. They may come out as unadventurous, dogmatic, or even closed-minded as a result of their set, willful worldview. They’ll make their case, then wiggle their way out of seeing the opposing viewpoint. Taureans know how to play the long game in both professional and love interests. These cosmic oxen know how to have a good time, which makes them excellent company – whether in love or friendship. They enjoy catching admiring gazes and they take great satisfaction in satisfying all of the senses. If they are concerned that they will not have enough time to do it properly, they may decide to skip or postpone a between-the-sheets session. A Taurus is generally attracted to a Virgo who is similarly realistic and thoughtful, a Cancer who is home-loving and money-conscious, or a Capricorn who is hardworking and tradition-minded. Taurus and Scorpio, on the other hand, are frequently drawn together by their need to form a strong, unbreakable emotional and physical commitment. However, because they are both stubborn and fixated, they may be unable to compromise and find common ground, which is a death sentence for any partnership. Notable bearers of this zodiac include Genevieve Nnaji, Jidenna, Adele, Dwayne Johnson, Kizz Daniel, and Queen Elizabeth II.

Genevieve Nnaji Born May 3rd

Genevieve Nnaji Born May 3rd

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