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This week marks three years since we embarked on a mission to provide the best entertainment and lifestyle content for you, our dear readers. We reflect on the journey as we celebrate our third anniversary with 156 editions. Since the beginning, we have been steadfastly dedicated to providing insightful and thought-provoking cover stories. To commemorate this anniversary, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite excerpts that have captured the spirit of our magazine over the last year.

(1) After a country’s name, its cultural identity is its most significant descriptive marker. In this exciting cover story, we sat with two of the most influential custodians of the Nigerian culture today, Chief Mrs Nike Monica Okundaye, popularly referred to as “Mama Nike”, and her husband, ex-police Commissioner Reuben Osaruyi Okundaye. They are the curators of the Nike Art Galleries in Osogbo, Lagos, Ogidi-Ijumu (Kogi State), and Abuja. When she was asked how she believed we could preserve our culture since it seems we were losing it, she said, “To preserve our culture, we must continue training people who can take over after us. That is training the generation. Sometimes, it may not even be your biological or adopted, but if you see someone you can train, train them. It’s training the trainers because if you train somebody, they can train another person.”

(2) Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a transformative force that is reshaping industries, societies, and our daily lives. AI is revolutionising various sectors, from self-driving cars to virtual assistants to personalised recommendations and even to medical diagnoses. In this issue, we explored the birth and evolution of AI, its current applications, and the ethical considerations surrounding its development and redeployment.

(3) Whether it is hosting a podcast, acting on a television series, or influencing for international brands, young people today have harnessed digital technology and social media’s power to make a living and a meaningful impact in society. We had an insightful conversation with three of those young minds, and there are none like this trio of Fashion influencer and Media Personality Enioluwa Adeoluwa, Influencer and Entrepreneur Priscilla Ojo, and Actor and Podcaster Susan Pwajok. They opened up to us about their life in the face of the media so far. Talking about the biggest misconception people have about Gen Z, Enioluwa responded, “People frequently accuse members of Generation Z of being rude, but while some young people behave rudely, they are by no means the majority. Adults may test us because they believe we lack manners as a result of this misperception”.

(4) Richard Mofe-Damijo has played various roles throughout his career, showcasing his flexibility and ability to bring life to any role he takes on. In this issue, we had a discussion with him where he shared the heart and soul of his remarkable journey and, most importantly, the profound love for his craft that fuels the flames of his enduring impact.

(5) Over the years, Nigeria and South Africa, two of Africa’s biggest nations, have had a blissful relationship, and this was made possible by some individuals who work behind the scenes to ensure both countries’ relationships remain symbiotic. One such person is Dr Bobby J. Moore, the consul-general of South Africa in Lagos, responsible for nine states. In this conversation with our Executive Editor, Onah Nwachukwu, he discussed the similarities and differences between South Africa and Nigeria, the unfortunate attacks perpetrated by South Africans on Nigerians, and the consulate’s role in fostering a healthy relationship between both countries.

(6) The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Megalectics Limited, Christopher Ubosi, couldn’t have been a better fit for our National Radio Day edition last year. To commemorate the day, we had a conversation with him, and he talked to us about many things about the evolution and development of radio in Nigeria. He also shared with us innovative tactics that have kept his radio stations not only relevant but also very resonating with listeners.

(7) Udo Maryanne Okonjo is a visionary leader in her own right. She has not only achieved success in the real estate industry with her company, Fine And Country West Africa but also devoted her life to assisting others in achieving authentic leadership with the Ace Business Club. She revealed that serving as a trusted advisor on projects defining Nigeria’s topmost real estate skylines is one aspect of the real estate industry that constantly keeps her motivated and excited. Udo Okonjo went further to share with us the history of the Ace Business Club and the route to authentic leadership that she passionately paves.

(8) MO ABUDU In this ever-evolving world, storytelling has long been the lighthouse that directs the expansion of the media and movie industries; so far, visionary Mo Abudu has had a significant impact on this setting. As a filmmaker, she has touched people’s hearts and minds all around the world by bringing intriguing stories to life. If you are wondering how she looks remarkably youthful, she said, “I believe that a combination of factors contributes to maintaining a youthful appearance. Firstly, I prioritise a healthy lifestyle, which includes regular exercise and a balanced diet. Additionally, I get enough rest.”

(9) Nigerian cinema’s storytelling skills are enhanced by the emergence of producers such as Eku Edewor, who play a crucial part in the industry’s growth. Anyone would agree that Eku’s career in the entertainment world is a monument to adaptability and commitment, from her appearance on Britain’s Next Top Model to producing Breath of Life. In this issue, she opened up to us about the complexities of her journey as a movie producer, including her plan to launch her production company.

(10) Ogunlesi is one fashion entrepreneur in Nigeria, working hard to improve and grow children’s fashion. She is well known for her significant contribution through her brand Ruff ‘N’ Tumble, and so far, her brand has exhibited an extraordinary fusion of originality and quality. For our Christmas edition last year, we enjoyed an interesting conversation where she revealed her approach to staying ahead of trends and how she has managed to maintain her brand relevance over the years. She says, “In the kid’s fashion industry, we stay ahead of trends through research of global trends, local tastes, and nuances.”

(11) As a lawyer, Hairat Aderinsola Balogun, OON, performed admirably both then and now. With her exceptional legal career, Balogun has shown that women can overcome the status quo and thrive in fields that men have historically dominated if they apply their knowledge and challenge the established standard. Hairat Aderinsola Balogun, OON, is a woman of many firsts: She was the first female Attorney-General of Lagos State, the first female General Secretary of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), the first female Life Bencher (Chairlady, Body of Benchers), the first female President of Rotary Club Lagos. Under the military government of Governor Gbolahan Mudasiru, she was also Nigeria’s second female attorney general. She is also a Life Bencher. She couldn’t have been a better fit for our International Women’s Day celebration last year. When asked about the legacy she would like to leave behind, she responded, “I think the only legacy is somebody who served in truth and justice— that’s what I titled my memoir. You must have confidence that this is the truth as you see it, as you know it; no matter who it offends, you do your best according to the law of the land. Sometimes, the law may be mistaken, so you do justice as far as is humanly possible to everybody on the same level.

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Dorcas Akintoye is a versatile writer with a passion for beauty, fashion, relationships, and culinary delight. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, she adds a touch of elegance to every topic she explores. She is a writer at THEWILL DOWNTOWN.

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About Author / Dorcas Akintoye

Dorcas Akintoye is a versatile writer with a passion for beauty, fashion, relationships, and culinary delight. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, she adds a touch of elegance to every topic she explores. She is a writer at THEWILL DOWNTOWN.

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