Embracing Social Growth: Tips to Becoming More Social

Just as each person is different, so are their personality and preferences. For introverts, just the thought of stepping into the spotlight or being the centre of attraction can get them feeling extremely uncomfortable, and it’s not even happening; all they have to do is think about it to bring such feelings. As much as it seems frightening to introverts, some of them want to become more social and outgoing. Sometimes, the issue isn’t that they don’t want to; the issue is that they just don’t know how to. So let’s give you a few tips on how you can get out of your shell.



Understanding Introversion

Before going into plans or procedures, it’s best to fully grasp what introversion truly means. The first thing to understand is that introversion isn’t a flaw or weakness; it’s simply a personality trait whereby some individuals prefer their privacy more than others; they prefer having deep connections with a smaller circle of friends and are most comfortable in the presence of this small circle they have. Most of the time, introverts get drained by large social gatherings and prefer to recharge their energy by spending time alone and mostly in a quiet environment.



Social Growth Targets

The first step before becoming more outgoing is to set realistic goals that you will accomplish step by step. Another thing to understand is that you shouldn’t rush the process. Don’t rush into becoming the life of the party. Start small by challenging yourself to start a conversation with new acquaintances, especially in a social gathering. Other simple targets could be attending more social events and having another circle of friends whose interests align with yours.



Practice Social Skills

Now you have set your target and know what you can accomplish, you need to work on your “people skills”. Just like every other thing that needs to be perfected, your social skills must be practised to get better at this. If it requires you to stand in front of a mirror to get a more confident look when practising, then you should go ahead and give it a shot.




Practice Active Listening

Being an active listener when you mingle with a new group or person is a good start. You don’t have to feel the pressure to contribute; just being present alone and showing genuine interest in the conversation makes the speaker feel comfortable knowing they have someone’s attention.



Being Authentic

As much as you would want to learn from other extroverts, there’s nothing better than having your own outgoing personality. Be yourself when mixing in with a new group, and let others see you for who you are.



Becoming more social can be difficult at the beginning, but then, that’s just how it is for most things when trying it out for the first time, so be patient, put yourself out there, get with people that align with your interests and you would definitely find what you want.


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