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Over the last year, I have packed on a staggering nine kilograms, which means I am two dress sizes up; not very flattering for someone who has been a UK size eight for the most part of her life. While the next best thing would be to start a workout routine, I just haven’t gotten the motivation to begin. So before getting back to my TurboFire (you should check it out, your body resembles that of a Greek god or goddess with this workout routine), I thought to myself, “a little help removing these love handles wouldn’t hurt; a non-surgical procedure that can give me a boost.” Just then, I remembered reading an article five years ago about CoolSculpting; a procedure that gets rid of unwanted fat from certain parts of the body. Researching more about this body contouring system led me to discover two more methods that tackle belly fat in some cases, and in other cases, fat from other parts of the body. Naturally, I thought to share them with you.


Cool sculpting procedure

Cool sculpting procedure

CoolSculpting or fat freezing treatment is a procedure that uses controlled cooling technology to destroy fat cells that do not respond to diet or exercise by freezing them; this process is called cryolipolysis. The fat is later naturally eliminated from the body; usually through the same process that we remove waste.

With CoolSculpting, you must not be far off from your ideal weight but should have enough fat for the applicator to hold on to. When it comes to expectations, you should expect an improvement as opposed to perfection from this non-surgical treatment.

This treatment may be just what you need if you have unwanted fat in the following areas of your body: abdomen or stomach, love handles, inner or outer thighs, underneath your chin, and bra area.

How It Works

Your treatment area is marked, and then a sheet is placed over the area. The applicator is then placed on your skin. Once the fat cells reach a certain temperature, they crystalize and die FOREVER! (Yes, once the fat cells are gone, they never come back. How amazing is that?). The process is repeated until all of the unwanted fat from the problem area has been targeted.

Number Of Sessions Required
The consultant recommends the number of sessions you will need and this will depend on a number of factors such as the treatment area and the desired results. You start to see results in about three months.


Think of it as you would CoolSculpting but the opposite. Instead of freezing fat cells to kill them, heat is used to achieve the same result. It can treat the stomach, love handles, back, thighs, and double chin.
A very important point is that you must maintain a healthy lifestyle such as working out, and eating nutritious-portion-sized food after your SculpSure session because if you gain weight after your treatment, the remaining fat cells will increase in size and this could destroy the results you had achieved.

How It Works
Applicators are placed over the treatment area and a laser is used to heat up fat from that area to a point of irreversible damage. Once the damage is done, the fat cells are swept away by the body’s lymphatic system. Results start to become visible after three months.


While this procedure does not work on as many parts of the body as CoolSculpting does, it targets and strengthens the muscles in your abdomen and gluts (butt). The machine works by using electromagnetic energy to contract your muscles. Think of it like doing sit-ups over and over again; in fact, it is said that a 30-minute session with this machine equals 20,000 muscle contractions.
For the butt, the aim is to build the gluteal muscles to a round, well-shaped effect without destroying any of the shape-enhancing fat in the area.

How It Works
Emsculpt constricts the muscles, targeting fat loss to that area. As the pulses occur, the muscles release chemicals locally that then signal fat cells in the area to break down their contents and release them as free fatty acids. The fatty acids overwhelm the fat cells, causing them to malfunction and die, then, they are metabolized by the body and excreted as waste.

Number Of Sessions Required
Usually four sessions, spaced a few days apart.
You actually start to see results within two days of your first treatment.

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