The fashion season is gradually coming to an end. Designers showcased and presented their collections and left it to us to decide who did a great job. And so this week, we bring you a summary of the designers at Lagos Fashion Week. There were several offsite, stand-alone shows, each doing its best to put up a great show, but the best by far was the Atafo show— it was enthralling. I mentioned this before, so I won’t bore you with more talk about the Atafo show; I’ll only say that the designer set a standard that will be very hard to beat. Fashion shows in Nigeria ought to take a cue from it.
Another designer who did a great job of his stand-alone show was Sisiano. The collection was unique, and the team beautifully orchestrated the show; the designer gave his all.

It didn’t just stop with the fashion shows; the retail part of the Lagos Fashion Week experience left me asking myself one question: With the rather expensive purchase cost of Nigerian designer brands, how easy is it for anyone to support the industry? It boils down to the cost of production. With the cost of raw materials at a record high, it leaves the designers no choice but to price their merchandise at a high rate, making it difficult for us to actually “Buy Nigerian.”
I also ask myself: What is the solution to this problem?

As you read this, we should be on the final day of the GTCO Fashion Weekend, which brings us to the end of the fashion season. I’m hoping their runway has an impressive lineup.

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Until next week, enjoy your read.