The Nigerian fashion scene can be described as innovative, creative, and vibrant. Consumers locally and abroad have been thrilled with the intricate designs and rich traditional textiles. Recently, Nigerian designers and brands have gained attention from fashion lovers worldwide for bringing the country’s fashion designs to a global stage. The ability of the designers to blend modern-day design elements with traditional African influences is one of the key factors driving the success of the Nigerian brand. Nigerian designers have mastered the art of infusing their collections with a sense of cultural heritage while pushing the boundaries of modern fashion, whether through Ankara prints or bold geometric patterns. Nigerian designers continue to push boundaries, challenge the norms, and redefine the narrative of African fashion through the exquisite craftsmanship of traditional fabrics. This week, we celebrate Nigerian fashion brands that have put the fashion scene on a global stage. See pages 8-10.

While many embark on trips for business or pleasure, have you ever considered the transformative power of a spiritual journey? Numerous destinations can awaken your spirituality, and we’ve handpicked a few of them for you on page 7. Prepare to be inspired and intrigued by these unique travel experiences.

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day because it determines our energy levels throughout the day. Eating one type of meal for breakfast every day can get boring, so it is advised that you up your breakfast game. In this week’s food page, Bon Appetit, we share some breakfast ideas that will help transform your breakfast routine. You’ll find that on page 11.
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