How to Spot Authentic Designer Items From Fakes

Counterfeit fashion products are items that appear to be from high-end fashion brands but are actually low-cost, lowquality knock-offs. Some individuals don’t mind carrying or wearing a fake accessory or outfit, but it’s not acceptable when someone selling an almost perfectly crafted fake dupes you.

You finally have an expensive item and want to show it off to your friends, but they spot it as fake from a mile away. Sometimes, the costs are comparable to those of the original item, or when you find a ‘good deal’, and you get it at a low price.

But how can we separate the jewels from the ordinary stones, and how simple is it to recognize a fake item when purchasing a luxury item?







The interior of most designer bags will feature a brand name and a serial number. The interior tags are handstitched equidistantly and are usually imprinted onto the leather. Look for brand badges, authenticity labels, and serial numbers on the bag.



Model Numbers Box



Model Numbers


SKU numbers are assigned to all genuine footwear. The number may be found on the inner labels of the shoes, and it must correspond to the one on the package. If these numbers do not match, it is a counterfeit. When it comes to leather shoes, the quality of the leather counts, and you should always look for trademarks that say “100% leather.”


The key is in the details. Visit the official websites of their individual brands, or visit their official store in your region, to see what the original timepieces look like. Genuine watches are precisely developed and handcrafted. They go through a series of quality tests to ensure that there are no errors. You’re looking at a fake if you see irregularities and mistakes such as a little smeared lettering, bad engraving, misspelt words, or peeling paint.


Black Belt GUCCI

Black Belt GUCCI


GUCCI belt Serial Number

GUCCI belt Serial Number


Yes, there are serial numbers on belts. Most belts have a unique serial number, especially the last set of characters; the serial number is just an additional measure to identify the belt’s legitimacy. The quality of the leather must also be evaluated.


Some authentic sunglasses come in plastic frames and are lightweight; however, counterfeit sunglasses are usually mixed with stainless steel, making it heavier. When worn, genuine frames manufactured of high-quality materials should feel balanced and comfortable.

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